Milwaukee Central Library Lobby rcruzniemiec

A national competition was held to pick a design for a building to house both the public library and the public museum. Seventy-four entries were received, including one from Frank Lloyd Wright. The winning design submitted by Ferry & Clas of Milwaukee was for a building one block long and designed in a combination of French and Italian renaissance styles known as Neo-renaissance. Read more here.

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what is tumblr I’ve forgotten

hi did you miss me?

ahh, converge and touche amore are playing in birmingham next month, I need someone to go with.


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Make a fist and put it in the center, the dots go faster! If you twist your fist, they go EVEN FASTER. And if you cover the outer edges, it goes slower. Dude, I’ve been sitting here playing with this and laughing like an idiot for like ten minutes.


Tired of seeing popular girls in Che Guevara shirts. Can you even name five of their songs? thought so :/

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